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I've been so bummed out for a couple weeks... my digital camera has been broken. I have a Sony Mavica... the kind where you put the disk in and it records right on the disk. It's not the top of the line digital, but it takes great pictures and you don't have to download them to the PC... just pop the disk in.

Earlier yesterday evening I called Sony to find out what I should do about my camera... maybe they had suggestions. They sure did... after checking their records, my warranty had expired and I'd have to send $180.00 to have the camera fixed. Wrong answer.

I was sure the problem was mechanical since the electronics worked fine... it just wouldn't acknowledge the fact that a disk was in the camera. So tonight, well, actually last night (since it's now 1:30am Tuesday morning), my wife and I went to Lowe's to buy subfloor and new carpet for a room I will carpet this week. I picked up one of those miniture screwdriver sets. I was determined to find out what was wrong with the camera. I must have had 10 to 20 of those little screws like they use on eyeglass frames all over my computer desk. I took parts upon parts off this camera. I figure I'd have to pay for it anyway to have it fixed... why not give it a shot.

I found this little piece of paper inside the camera. Didn't make sense to me, unless it was to reduce the friction caused by the drive head that goes back and forth to read the disk. I thought, what the hell... try and get it out of there. So, with tweezers, I began to very gently pull this paper. It was like that kids game of Operation. I didn't want the metal tweezers to short out the electronics while I pulled this paper. The more I pulled, the bigger the paper got.

To make a long story short... turns out this paper was one of those self-adhesive postage stamps with the backing still on the stamp. The only thing I can think of is that during my eBay transactions (I sell a lot of stuff on eBay), stamps must have gotten in my camera bag and eventually in the disk slot of the camera. All I know is I am soooooo happy!!! Time to take some shots around here of the work I'm doing to this house. Keeping up with the booklet I'm making on remodeling a turn of the century home.

This house was built around 1860. It's been a lot of fun remodeling it... keeping some of the old while adding modern conveniences.

Well... I can sleep better tonight. I can't believe I was able to fix it and put it back together. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

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