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I told myself I wouldn't talk about this... but here I go...

Can someone explain to me why people say Christians and Catholics? Why is there a line drawn that separates the two? What makes a Christian different from a Catholic? Do we not worship the same God? Are we not all the same form of Christianity?

How are the divisions made... under the Christians, do we include, Lutherans, Methodist, Presbyterians, Prodestants, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, Church of Christ, Church of Latter Day Saints and then Catholics?

I don't claim to be all that knowledgeable with theology (obviously). During my religious teachings, or catechism as it's called... I was not interested in religion at the time. I was young, foolish and bored with the whole thing. I was also led to believe that it wasn't important by my friends that attended the classes with me.

As I got older, I felt the importance for religion to be a bigger part of my life. By getting married and having my own children... I felt that I was part of something much bigger than my own warped sense of self-importance. God had become a definate part of my life. Now I have this need to know more about God and His works. My daughters have truly amazed me by their eagerness and willingness to participate in church related functions and religious events. They inspired me to look within my own existence and purpose... what God wants of me.

I see a big difference from the Catholic religion when it comes to Scripture. I see how many of the other religions quote passage after passage from the Bible... yet I wonder how much of that is truly heartfelt within them? Is it a testament to their religion that they can memorize quotes from the Bible? Yet I see these same people gossip and judge others... quick to anger and fail to accept others with their faults.

This is not a judgement of all followers of that particular religion. You cannot judge the group by the actions of a few. And who is right to even judge in the first place? And I look to my own church and the actions of some of the congregation... as part of the Mass, to offer a sign of peace and shake the hand of others within the church during the service and utter the kind words, Peace be with you. And then to see these same people race out of the church in the middle of the final hymn... to sit in their car and literally cuss while still in the parking lot at the "stupid asshole" who can't drive fast enough to "get out of their fucking way".

Yes... Peace be with you, my brother... peace be with you. For you have truly found the message of today's sermon.

I struggle with my dealings with the church. It has changed so much from when I was younger. And while I was not totally interested in the church back then... I know the importance it held for my father. He was an inspiration himself. I now see all the changes from when I grew up and the respect that was once there... to now, where it's more of a social event... where the church sounds like an auditorium with so much loud conversation before Mass begins. My blood pressure rises and I just would rather leave than to participate with these people.

I started out asking a question here and now look where I am.

I guess what I feel is... I know my feelings toward God. We talk daily. I go to Him... and I thank Him for another day of life. For another chance to try and make something positive out of whatever happens along the way. To try and accept people for who they are... not what they do. To not be so damn judgemental of others. And lately... that someone will buy my damn house. :)

So regardless of what I hear people say and bitch about the Catholic religion (that's NOT what I read here... just what I hear in the real world)... to me, there is no "right" religion. It's too personal and individualistic to group all Catholics into the Catholic box... or the Methodists into the Methodist box. I know what I want to say... but not sure if what I'm saying is making one bit of sense.

Listen to The Man
Love The Man
Follow His Word

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