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Father's Day

If when reading this, I seem to jump from subject to subject, it's because the kids are talking... rather loudly. Geesh... I can't think!

What an exceptional day it was yesterday! We all drove to my in-laws to visit for Father's Day. My mother-in-law watched our kids while my wife, my sister-in-law and my father-in-law went to play golf.

This would be my fourth time out, I think. I haven't played a round of golf in over a year. I enjoy playing... I'm not that good, but it is fun.

We had to wait awhile before we could go out due to the crowded course. So, back into the clubhouse for a hotdog before we leave.

Those golf carts are so much fun. My father-in-law was showing me some golfing etiquette. He's played for years and years. He always gives me good advice.

The weather was outstanding... a nice breeze and sunshine. I took my digital camera and got some good shots. My wife took a couple of me, but they really aren't that great, or I'd put them online.

On one hole, I slammed the ball all the way to the sand trap just in front of the green. That was over 250 yards... pretty cool. That was the high point of my golfing abilities. The other shots weren't worth bragging about... and actually, I'm sure I hit a house along the course. That ball took off from the tee like a jet and arced over to the right... to this enormous, plush house. I'm sure I'm, not the only one who's done that.

We returned back to the farm and the kids wanted to ride in the paddle boat... which they did. That water looked so nice... ducks cruising by and it seemed like warm water. I was tempted to jump in, but I didn't bring a change of clothes.

We ended up having a bonfire with hotdogs and marshmellows. I ate way too much... had a big 'ole honkin piece of watermellon to finish it off. I thought I was going to hurl... I was stuffed.

All in all... it was a very nice day. One to look back on and smile.

Happy Father's Day to me!

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