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Sunday musings

It has been a great change coming here from where I used to live and work in Columbus. Even the people in my own department aren't that close to me. We just got a new boss in our area after our previous manager was fired. This guy has a really different style... one that I've never had any experience dealing with. He acts like a little kid most of the time... everything is a joke and he plays alot at work. I'm not used to that, so I've decided to just wait and see how this works with everyone. Others in my area think he's great, but something tells me this will be short lived and his managing style will end up biting many in the ass. If my ass is going to get bit... I'd rather have some say on who's going to do the biting.
I mean, it is my ass, right?

I miss the diversity of people in Columbus... many different cultures, racial backgrounds, sexual preferences... it was a very nice blend of people. Where I am now is such a thin cross section of America... country folk... and more of the older country folk at that.

I record CD's on my RealJukebox Player on my PC at work. Instead of having to lug CD's to and from work all the time, I just record them and take the CD's home. I like a variety of music... alternative to classical, celtic to club music. Anyway, when they walk into my office, I normally get some reaction to the type of music I have playing and it pisses me off sooooo much!!! When they hear alternative music, the reaction is that they expect me to me be shooting cocaine... a look of total disapproval. If it's classical or celtic music, then I'm a faggot and they will bring their hands to their chest and close their eyes as if to mock someone "absorbing the ambiance and texture of the blended rhythms... and whatever bullshit they feel the need to spout.

If it's club music... then I've really crossed then line... because that kind of music is what those niggers in Columbus listen to. And statements like that are met with the kind of response that they have never faced in their life. They can take their narrow-minded, racist, bed-sheet wearing thoughts, and get the fuck out of my office!!

Walk into any other office or department, and be prepared to hear knee-slappin', banjo-twangin', Skoal-chewin' country tunes. And nothing... and I mean nothing can make my stomach churn more than listening to some inbred, cheantin' heart, crap than that shit. But I never make a comment... never walk in playing an air banjo or reveal my look of disgust at what they listen to. I merely excuse myself and make it to the closest toilet and puke my guts out.

I guess I thought I knew what it meant to move so far from "civilization" when choosing country life. But I guess I didn't consider that along with the simple life... that I'd have to deal with simple minds as well. I accept the fact that I have to drive about 30 miles to the closest indoor mall... or almost 10 miles to get to a McDonald's. The culture shock has finally subsided... but the mentalities are something, I doubt will ever change.

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