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LJ in a nutshell

I spent a considerable amount of time on here over the past two mornings. The first thing I do when I get on the pc is check email, then I check my tracker on a website that I created to tell me how many hits I have on it. The website is used to sell my house.

Anyway, after that excitement has passed, I turn my attention to LJ to see, first of all if anything new has happened with those on my friends list. I only have two on my friends list, but I truly enjoy reading about both of their lives. Even though we have never met and only know each other through the entries made here, I somehow feel a connection... don't ask me how, but I can relate to their personality, attitude and style of writing.

I also have a few other journals that I read who I would never add to my friends listing merely for the fact that they are

  • total freaks
  • scare the shit out of me
  • sex addicts

    I view their journals for pure entertainment purposes. The sex addicts journals are fun because they enjoy posting nudies of themselves. What can I say... I'm a guy.

    But for the most part, it's sad to read a lot of these journals. I would guess that most of the journals are from people between 17 to 25 who are pissed off at one thing or another. Most have school to bitch about or he said, she said issues.

    As I stated as a reply to a post on a friend's journal, my life is far from perfect. I have my problems just like the next person. This journal is a way to vent that. Whether or not anyone can relate and respond is of no consequence. This is inexpensive therapy. With the possibility that someone can see something in our lives that we may have overlooked and point us in a new direction... or look at it from another point of view.

    My parents were divorced when I was about 13 or so. They never communicated... not even enough to fight about something. I guess I found that by watching them and their failure to communicate (re: Cool Hand Luke), that I was not going to do that in my relationships. It's important for me to express my feelings and thoughts. My wife on the other hand is not as forthcoming in her thoughts and feelings as I am. I don't fault her for that... that is merely her way. But it's important for me... so this is a way for me to get it out.

    At one point after re-reading things that I had posted, I worried that what I wrote might be boring. And then I thought... what? Why would I be concerned if what I wrote is boring? This isn't for others to critique. Hey, if my life seems boring based on what few things I care to share here, then too bad. Tough cookies. Sometimes I can be a real dumbass. I'm obviously not going to share all my thoughts, feelings and dirty little erotic intimacies that go on in my sex-deprived life. opps, one got out just now

    Well... I've gone on long enough... got plenty of crap planned for today... better get moving.

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