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One of the journals that I read frequently here is one of those sex freaks I spoke about earlier. She has this hot little body and pictures of her in different outfits posted in her journal.

The more I read it, the more I'm convinced that some guy has created this journal and is trying to pass it off as this girl. Damn.

It has been awhile since her(his?) last entry on the journal and I took the time to go back and read more into the previous posts. I was able to find where the pictures were stored on the Internet of her that are posted in the journal. Finding this out, led me to additional photos that were not included on LJ.

Rather juicy photos I might add.

But her constant reference to this one particular guy leads me to believe that this journal has been set up by this guy himself. Not to be sexist or anything, but the method or style of writing is that of a total bimbo... a real dipstick. Yet, she uses HTML and images rather cleverly throughout her journal.

What I get from all this is, this guy is trying his best to take on the persona of a sex hungry nympho who's dumb as a fence post, but the journal is littered with HTML too complex for fence-post-Sally. Also, the journal talks this guy up as if he were a god as well.

My problem with all this is that the fantasy is gone. Just as when you're old enough to finally realize when you're reading your older brother's dirty magazines, that those supposed stories that were submitted by female reader's of the men's magazines were actually written by some guy with a overactive imagination... it's a total let down.

I have my own erotic stories to tell... while few in number... they are nonetheless hot and more importantly, true. It is my hope and desire to continue to add to that library. As long as the fire remains burning within my marriage... I will continue to be adventurous, spontaneous and forever promise to keep that sensual flame burning. After 18 years of marriage, we still show affection... not that sick kind of smothering, touchy-feely shit that makes others want to puke. But we still spoon on the couch while watching TV... or hold hands while walking.

I'll continue to buy her sexy little outfits for playtime... and the funny thing is... after the kids have gone to bed, we end up falling asleep ourselves before we even have the opportunity to have those moments. So exhausted from playing the cards that life dealt us each day.

But those precious moments we have when we wake in the morning... still half asleep... and her warm body is against mine... all is right with the world.

And we start it all over again.

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