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down to the wire...

I broke down... I caved in and did what I promised myself I wouldn't do. It's been bothering me lately, actually for the past two days, about the recent turn of events. I'm thankful, yet waiting for something bad to happen as a counterweight.

I promised myself that I wouldn't reduce myself to old wives tales of selling our house. I had heard that if you take a statue of St. Joseph and bury him upside down in your yard that your house will sell extremely fast. I have a big problem with this as I believe it's blasphemous. Being Catholic, I have been taught to be respectful of my religion. Some people have a problem with Catholics and our religious icons. The story I get from non-Catholics is that we appear to worship deities other than God. Because we have stautues of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, etc., that we are worshiping false Gods. This is the furthest from the truth. We do not worship false Gods... rather we look at the symbolism of the roles that these people played during the time of Christ. They are inspirational and are an example of levels of grace that we can model our life after. There is only one Lord... one God Almighty. And it is to Him that I pray to and offer my soul to.

The issue of burying the St. Joseph statue is merely a respect issue with me. I have asked for forgiveness for my weak state that I would be persuaded to be pulled by a tale of luck. Luck, plays no part in my beliefs or my religion. It is about faith and my belief that God has a purpose for me here. I have no clue as to my purpose, except that it has not been fulfilled yet.

So here it is... getting down to the wire that we will be able to sell our home in time to buy the other one. The owners have decided to remove their house from the market on June 19th should we not be able to sell our house. Their reasons are unfounded in my book... but it is their house and their decision.

I had heard from several different people about this practice with the statue. And yesterday, I received it in the mail. Last night, we held hands and prayed that our house is sold. Then I buried the statue according to the instructions (bury St. Joseph upside down facing the street and close to the for sale sign). I cannot believe that I am doing this. If my faith is strong, why then have I given in to this practice? Have I abandoned my faith in God to seek personal gain? While I am not praying to Satan, I feel as though I have let Him down.

The funny thing is that we mentioned our problems with selling our house to several different people at church and many of them recommended doing this. Even the principle of the Catholic school suggested it. They all said it worked for them or friends of theirs. Am I making more of this that what needs to be? I don't know.

By the way... after two weeks of absolutely no interest from anyone in our house... no showings... no phone calls... a couple stopped by yesterday wanting to know about the house. They were from out of state and visiting relatives. They want a farmhouse with acreage. While we have the farmhouse, we're only on a little over an acre. But the owners of the property that surround our house have expressed interest in selling additional land behind and to the side of our house. We have no neighbors to speak of... simply cornfield or wooded area.

Since we were not ready to show it, just returning from work, we asked them to schedule a time with our realtor. They seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions as we stood outside talking.

Makes me wonder about this statue.

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