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a wee bit of Scotland...

Yesterday, we all went to Oberlin, Ohio to attend the Scottish Games. We go every year and have a great time. So much to see and experience... we never end up seeing everything we plan to look at.

One thing really pissed me off... I rented this camcorder to take some videos of the days' events. Actually I rented this camcorder two weeks ago in hopes of taking a few shots to show the remodeling accomplishments of our house to my mom. My mom is house bound with emphysema and hasn't been able to visit us in close to 5 years. She is teathered to pump that creates oxygen so she can breathe. We also don't have air conditioning which she needs to help her breathe. This is one of the reasons why I am against smoking... but that's not the point of this entry.

Anyway... in the two weeks that I had this piece of shit rented, I was too busy with other things to make the tape. And so, for $22.00 bucks a week, this camcorder rested quite nicely in it's case in the family room. I called last Friday night to make arrangements to rent it for yet another week. This will total over $66.00 for something I had not even used yet... am I smart or what?

OK... opening ceremonies at the Scottish Games... the stadium at Oberlin College is filled... every bagpiper has been assembeled on both ends of this football field. There were approximately 500+ bagpipers there yesterday. They will march onto the field and play the same song together.
The camera goes up on my shoulder...
A new tape has been previously installed...
The battery has been charged... (note: no use to this battery in over 2 weeks)
Here come the bagpipers... and... the camcorder doesn't work. Of course... it's when I need it most, that it fails on me. Had it been my own camcorder, it would have been launched from the stands to the 50 yard line. This luck seems to follow me of late... I can't win for anything.

They marched onto the field with such precision... such music... it was truly awesome. They read the list of those who had passed away who were contributors to the Scottish Games since last years event. It was then that a single unit of pipers began playing Amazing Grace. Without further direction... on the second verse of Amazing Grace, the remaining 480+ pipers joined in for an incredibly moving rendition. My eyes welled up, as they always do, whenever I hear this song played by bagpipes.

I am reminded of my fathers funeral... graveside... and the bagpiper we hired to play. My heart could not have been in any more pain than it was at that moment. I was so moved by that bagpiper... his music touched my heart. Crying was not a good description of what I was going through... more along the lines of wailing. My hero had left me... the man who was strong in my life... in my heart... was no longer here.
Taken from me.
Selfish me.
Not taking into account the way he had suffered with his illnesses... I wanted him here with me. Yet I'm sure he just wanted peace.

And so... the piper was playing Amazing Grace at his graveside... the military honor guard fired their shots in the air... and three jets passed over our heads with a deafening sound.
That will remain in my mind forever.

The pipers were finished on the field... and I had taken a small movie with my digital camera. But I wanted so bad for the camcorder to work. One of my daughters went with me back for looooong walk to the car to take the cameras back so I wouldn't have to carry them around all day.

The rest of the day was spent listening to music, eating food, buying t-shirts and souvenirs. It had been a full day, and we decided to make the drive home. We had passed several antique stores along the way and commented that it would be nice to stop on the way home and see what they had.

So, like moths to a flame, we visited two different antique stores and spent a couple hours walking... drooling... wishing... and actually buying a few items to take home. Such fantastic furniture we wish we could buy... but the cost outweighed our desires. However... with visiting both stores, we spent close to $400.00 on antiques. There is one item that I must have that we will return for this next weekend to buy. It was too large for our car and I will have to take my truck to bring it home. It is a HUGE framed picture of the 1929 graduating class of John Adams High School. This framed item is at least 4 foot square and shows the school picture of each student. Now, we don't know where John Adams High School is... and we don't know a single person in the picture. But being a photographer myself... and both of us antique crazy, this is a one-of-a-kind find. I really love old photographs, and each face has a story... you have to wonder how they turned out... if they are still alive today... were their dreams fulfilled in life. There is such history with that piece. I hope it's still there when we return. It's obvious that it doesn't mean anything to anyone else or it wouldn't be sitting there for that long... but I really like it.

So, yesterday was a great day... perfect weather... sunny skies... cool temperatures... great company.

And now... I turn my attention to yardwork.
Can it get any better than this?

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